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I’m a little annoyed that the price dropped literally right after I bought my paintings. I’m not wealthy at all, so for me this is a big deal even if it’s just a $20 difference.

There are two offers and I got the higher priced one linked to me from Leonid, even though the offers are exactly the same. I do know he’s trying to make the most money he can since it’s a business. But shouldn’t the ‘customer come first’? Instead of linking me to the $109..

I wish he would have linked me to the exact same $99 offer (which I found after I bought). I am young and scraping by. But love his artwork and would love to support him haha. I also bought two for the ‘buy two get one free’ deal.

I got the invoice.. and the third one is nowhere to be found on there. I just want to make sure we can work this out so I can give a good review if I get all three of my paintings and they come as expected.. thanks.

Just worried the third one won’t come since I don’t see it added anywhere like he said he would for the offer. I also hope they look as amazing as the site shows. Reading the reviews, and seeing some of the comparison pictures on here worries me they may not really look too well. We will see I suppose.

Waiting for my shipping info & hopefully the third one will be added. Will update. But would like to be contacted if possible regarding the price change & third painting if it is not added soon.

My main goal is to work together to get my artwork, share the artwork, and share the best review I can for Leonid and the people he works with. Thanks again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Afremov Deal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Read my latest review Feb 2018.

If you really like his painting and think you are getting a good deal - ASK FOR A PHOTO BEFORE SHIPMENT. This is the only thing that worked for me.

The original one-of-a-kind $1,500 for $99, or $4,500 for $250 is just too good to be true.

They made excuses not to send photo and enticed me with a freebie painting for the delay. The painting came, with COA as original one of a kind but did not match the photo in their website.

This is probably why they operate in Mexico where you exercising legal recourse is too much of an effort and waste.

They invite you to visit their office in Mexico but have you seen a patron get a selfie with Mr. Leonid?


Dear Noel, I know your order, and I know the paintings that you received, only one painting was incorrect and we replaced it.

So far you have about 8 paintings that you received for free, and Yes recreations look different from original paintings, but they cost much cheaper , as an example, you payed 250$ and requested 3 paintings at this price, and I did my best, you can see on the photos that paintings are in good quality.

I see what you are doing:

1.You ordered 3 paintings, then told me that you don't like them, received refund, kept paintings.


Then you place second order month later (why you do it if you don't like the service) and again same issue 3. after one more month you place one more order and want more paintings for free, this time full refund provided together with return shipping labels, and then you start posting negative comments:))) I sale my art online over 18 years, I made over 25000 sales, and you can see comments, from real buyers on my site etsy, ebay ...If you received painting and you don't happy with it, just contact me directly I am working in Playa del carmen, because I like this place, but I have my offices in Boca raton, Florida, and UK London

@Leonid Afremov

You say you have offices in Boca Raton, FL - are they registered with Better Business Bureau? Probably not because you want to avoid registered complaints.


My gallery located in Boca raton florida, if you like you can report it BBBUnfortunately there is no place to report buyer:)

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