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So, finally I got the right painting after 6 months and a lot of e-mails. It is the original as ordered and for me the case is closed now.

In the middle of march David gave me also a refund of my custom-duties and (as you see below) offered me an alternative original from the website. I took a look and discovered my original painting (renamed now as "solid bridge" ) was online for 1500$. David wrote: "Boris will take care of shipping the original painting to you next week. After it will be sent you will have the tracking number." But nothing happend.

There was no tracking number and the painting was still online. After 8 weeks (middle of may) I asked again, but there were no real explanations again. But after mentioning of contacting the consumer protection division it worked. The painting went offline and was sent with tracking-ID immediately.

Positive development in the business-model: 1. The prices for originals raised up to 250$.

2. More giclees are offered or the number of recreations/copies is mentioned.

Original review posted by user Mar 11

Buyers beware!

The Company promotes an "original" or "one of a kind original oil painting" but does not deliver the ordered one! After my purchase following happened:

1. The company did not sent anything. (Reason: Already in my order-comment I insisted on the original as shown on the photograph. They knew they had a problem now). After 4 weeks I did a recall/request. They excused the "delay" ;-) without a reason and sent a recreation. I complained.

2. They excused again and asked of a photograph of the recreation and promised: "The correct painting will be sent to you ASAP"

3. Six weeks nothing happened. I asked for he painting and got the information that the package is "stuck" or "maybe lost". They were not willing to tell the tracking-ID (or equivalent evidences). Own investigations resulted: There never has been an addressee with my name in this period.

Last answer of Mr. Boris Afremov (who messed it): " Even if the package is found, the painting will not be delivered to you". You can literally feel that they do not believe in a finding. Reason: The painting never left their office/studio ;-). There has never been a tracking-ID. In this way the painting is ready for a reselling...but not to me...and not for this price.

Mr. Afremov does not sell originals for 100 Dollars. And this is totally understandable. But why do they promote them this way? Are there so many people who are satisfied with a copy instead of a paid original? That's the genius of the company in the end: That this business model is doing so well so long. Respect!

So this is not a comment against the artist but for him. If ever a "Original" is promoted, please emphasize (already in the order) and then insist for a delivery of the shown or promoted painting. This should increase the prices to a reasonable level Mr. Afremovs work deserves.

My advice for the company: Offer WYSIWYG! Sell thousands of recreations! But show them first! The painting style requires that!! Nuances decide! Or offer more signed prints in a limited number and as an exclusive distributor!

The business method changed to my mind in the last time. On their promoted sites and newsletters they reveal now the number of copies/"recreations" that are made, like here:

Wow! Ten (sic!) recreations handmade by the artist! He is working like a Taiwanese for Foxconn! Respect again!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Afremov Pros: Originals.

Afremov Cons: Recreations.

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This buyer received the correct painting(first painting was delivered incorrect), and refund and even refund for taxes, if you have questions about this transaction, please let me know and I will provide all needed information, even photos of the received paintings


Dude, the only way you will get an artwork 100% painted by Afremov is if you buy a "One of a kind Original" (first version original). These paintings have an average price of $ 5,000… It’s simply impossible the artist could handle all the orders received via website, he’s not an octopus...

Mr. Afremov (aged 63 and with various health issues) spend his days painting whatever he likes and enjoying life. He is not involved in the business on All the promos you see on facebook and via email are handled by his 2 sons.

They have employees and third party “artists” that make the job. 95% of the customers can’t tell the difference between a recreation, original or “One of a kind original”. That’s how the business works.

Around 99% of all the Afremov paintings in existence are fake. Hope this helps.




Hello! The original painting came back to us, we will send it to you tomorrow May 20 via fedex express The payment and taxes where refunded Thank you David Afremov


I don't know why my replays not listed, please visit our facebook page , there you can see our official replay to this comment We know about this shipping issue, and we are sorry about it, but now all the problem is resolved we no longer use third party shipping company, all shippings done directly from Leonid studio, The buyers that received wrong items, got full refund same moment as we found mistake. Thank you David Afremov

@David Afremov

Dear Mr. Afremov, replay means answer?

I did not find it. But nice try to draw people off from here to your fanpage. And the invention of a "third party": Ingenious! ;-) If this a solved shipping issue I would please you to send the tracking-ID.

I've never heard from you again. Please investigate! That is your job! Just to pay the refund is not enough.

I've lost the custom duties (for the not ordered recreation). Will you pay them also back? It would have been fair if you have asked me to receive a different original instead of a refund! But that is a problem for you, right?

The amount of originals is finitely, your number of recreations infinitely. The real problem remains: You do not sell paintings the people see before. Again: WYSIWIG! What people see is exactly what people should get!

Your sequence: 1. promote/publish the original 2. get paid 3. (Draw and ) ship the recreation The better and only way: 1.

promote and publish your recreations 2. get paid 3.

ship the recreation Obviously you are able to offer 10 or more recreations of an original painting at the same time. It would be very interesting if your customer could see and compare them side by side on your website and pick the best one.


Thank you for your comment. I know the issue with your order We offered you two options: 0.

I sent you replay within 5 minuts after your email, please check the spam folder may be it went there 1. if you didn't received the refund for taxes , please let me know the amount and I will send it to you ASAP 2. You can choose ANY other original on the site size up to 30x40" and this painting will be sent to you at no extra cost 3 In case of the limited edition sales, customers can always request the image of all paintings that we have and choose the one that they like. 4.

There is no invention of the third party, unfortunatelly I can't post the links in the comments,but you can go to my facebook page, there is all information, in order to provide good prices, like 99$ include shipping to Germany, we had to hire bigger company that took care for our shipments , now it is over , the prices went up and now an on we do all the shipping by our self, so no more mistakes. I am really sorry about this issue, and I am telling again, you can choose other original, and it will be sent to you


Hello Mr. Afremov, thank you for your answer.

Referring to your points: 0. I checked my mail account and spam folder. There is nothing. So I would please you to reply to our mail-conversation I had with your brother Boris.

His (an my) last answer was on 03/09/19. These mails always worked. Simultaneously I will write you also today. So we should find a way together.

1. In my mail I will attach a scan of my FedEx/customs-costs. 2. Thank you for your offer.

If "Back to the dream" is still missing (and it is not worth to wait), I'd like to choose another painting. I will have a look and tell you the next days. 3. In my case it was no "limited edition".

It is really better to show the images not only after request. You have many foreign customers who would appreciate that method to avoid misunderstandings. 4. I hope so.

Ask the party for my painting :-).They had embezzled it.

And if my tracking-ID appears, let me know. That would bring back real trust.


Hello! We aware about this issue, and now it is resolved, there where some buyers that received wrong items, all the payments where refunded, and replacemnts sent. We do not sale thousands of paintings:) we still small family company Please check this links, This is our official facebook post

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