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I bought my painting online from Afremov's etsy shop. I should have known there is something fishy when I read that NO RETURN are accepted. The images you see of the paintings are not the same as the ones you receive.

You can see in the image I uploaded the difference between what they expect you to buy, and what you receive! If I knew this would be the case I would not have bought the painting.

The painting that you expect to buy:

* Complex brush techniques

* Colourful sky that includes harmonic colours going from cold blues to warm reds.

* The reflections are well-thought:

The painting you buy:

* Paint seems like just dotted there randomly. Crude and bold strokes.

* Colours are also not harmonic and it is all warm colours in the sky. No harmony, no contrast.

* Recflections are just bold strokes of white pulled down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Stop fooling people please. .

I didn't like: Quality of painting.

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Read my review Feb 2018

If you really like his painting and think you are getting a good deal - ASK FOR A PHOTO BEFORE SHIPMENT.This is the only thing that worked for me.

The original one-of-a-kind $1,500 for $99, or $4,500 for $250 is just too good to be true.

They made excuses not to send photo and enticed me with a freebie painting for the delay. The painting came, with COA as original one of a kind but did not match the photo in their website.

This is probably why they operate in Mexico where you exercising legal recourse is too much of an effort and waste. They invite you to visit their office in Mexico but have you seen a patron get a selfie with Mr.Leonid?

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1265069
can you please please please upload your pictures again? i can find them :(

I had the same result. I fell in love with a painting I saw of his online.

I ordered a recreation but it was rather disappointing compared to what the painting looked like online. Like the review says the brush strokes looked much more crude and slapdash, the colors weren't as lovely and harmoniously blended or applied. Somewhat muddy looking in places even. Maybe it's the difference between the way it looks on the computer vs.

in person. I also think some of the city or night paintings might be less disappointing since the color pallet is less intense and brush strokes aren't so noticeable everywhere. But I had to wonder at the sheer volume this artist is supposed to produce and the prices. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

This seems hit or miss, some people felt they got a reasonably good painting out of it. I think I could have looked at the original and slapped paint on a canvas and ended up not far from the result I received.


It seems curious that when people post pictures of actual recreations and someone criticizes them, shortly after a comment appears saying how poor the lighting and photo is but that the painting is amazing. I bet within a couple of hours this comment will have a couple dislikes and someone refuting it with poor grammar.


Afremov accept returns or exchanges, what is BS, I bought allot of paintings via etsy or his own site, never had a problem

You just need to send him email and he will accept return or exchange the painting to the new one

By the way the painting that you received look very nice, you just have bad photo

Rochester, New York, United States #1052127

Yer absolutely CORRECT!


You don't really expect a painting, which is explicitely sold as "recreation of an older painting" for 100$ to be of the very same quality as any of the "first of a kind" or "one of a kind" he in general sells for 25.000$ to 50.000$?

But anyway, apparently sth.

went wrong there, they are not supposed to look like that. Ever tried to contact the artist because of that?

My purchases are all of a good quality. (“Even" the cheaper ones...)

to Anonymous Rochester, New York, United States #1052129

Baloney, reproductions are perfect....was this an actual painting? OR repro?

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